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Access to a quality education
for all girls in rural communities

About IGEA

Importance of Education

Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people’s future. Education is the solution for reducing poverty, catalyzing economic growth and increasing income. If we believe in the equality of opportunity, children all over the world should have access to quality education. However, for girls in rural Africa, often this is not the case. At every step, there is a barrier to education and at IGEA, we work towards breaking these barriers

Our Work

IGEA is a not for profit organisation, with a vision that there are no barriers which impact girls living in rural parts of Africa, equal access to a quality education. We collaborate with local communities and government organisations to design and implement solutions to advance the education of girls in local communities. We currently operate in Northern Ghana. 

Mission ​

Through collaboration, we aim to remove barriers hindering girls living in rural communities in Africa from accessing quality education. These barriers may be physical, such as rampant illnesses, menstruation, distance from schools, lack of facilities or mental, such as cultural taboos. One barrier after the other, one community after the other, we want all girls in Africa to be able to enjoy education without hardships. 



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