IGEA Enterprise

Access to a quality education
for all girls in rural communities

Our work

A Project Based System

When we talk about barriers to education, there are numerous physical as well as mental blocks obstructing the path of a girl. We want to be certain to provide efficient and meaningful impact. This means tackling one barrier at a time.

The first barrier that we are working to dissolve is menstruation and the lack of sanitary care in rural Africa.​

Follow the story of our first project, Mesturate and Educate and the trial run held in Bolgatanga, Ghana

The Problem

Location: Rural areas in Africa Demographic: Young girls and women

The Solution

Location: Rural areas in Africa Demographic: Young girls and women

The IGEA Bag

What is so special about our solution?


The IGEA Bag

Our Trial Run

Location: Bolgatanga, Ghana Time: October 2019

Our Founder Sarah was in Ghana for a month distributing the IGEA bag and conducting workshops for 100 girls

" I could not really speak about periods in my house because of my dad and brother. My mother would buy me pads a couple of times a year because they are expensive. Sarah has taught a lot about periods and I won't even have to bother my mother for pads. I feel very confident. " - Mary, 14 years old

Click on our DONATE button to adopt a girl and provide her with menstrual comfort for 2 years. It will only cost you today’s coffee.

Our pads are supplied by Project Baala